Who am I?

Growing up, I had the typical dreams of being a veterinarian, an astronomer, a PI.. and more. My older sister was an artist and I wanted to be just like her. In true sibling fashion, I picked up my crayons and started trying to be just as good as she was. I was 8 years old and knew that being an artist was what I wanted to be.

In high school, my art teacher informed me that if I kept it up, I could surpass my sisters talent with no problem. So I took that to heart and enrolled into college with a focus in traditional art. I learned some of the most valuable skills from my professors there.

Around this time (1999-2000) they were making the first episode of Star Wars. They were showing many different specials on the VFX that they used. I was blown away. I knew I wanted to go the next step and learn how to do 3d art. I moved to Florida and went to school to learn the skills I needed to in order to reach my goal.

While going through school, I realized I loved modeling and texturing. I worked hard and got an excellent job in the game industry and loved every minute of it. My skills have grown beyond that of my 8 year old self with crayons, but the passion to make art is still just as great.